A right royal party at Greenwich

Greenwich celebrated being a royal borough yesterday with fireworks on the river.

This makes Bear and Lion the royally cute residents of Greenwich, which they have plenty of experience with. This was them last year celebrating the royal wedding.


Happy Chinese New Year from Bear and Lion

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, bringing with it the year of the Dragon. This time last year Bear and Lion were in Singapore being surrounded by giant people on stilts.

This time around they tried to do a Lion Dance but the costume turned out to be too small. Also Bear didn’t want to be the bum and Lion was too fat.

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hei Fat Choi!



Happy Halloween!

Bear and Lion love Halloween. Last year we got them a pumpkin which Bear managed to make into a bigger pumpkin (wow!).

This year Bear and Lion put away their wizard hats and, together with their friend Longlegs Sillitoe, reached for their cowboy hats instead. Yee-haw!